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Upcoming Educational Webinars 

Make financial decisions with confidence!

One of our values here at Vital Planning Group is Financial Wellness. We feel a sense of responsibility to share our knowledge with the community so we can provide financial security to as many households across the nation as possible. Making educated and confident financial decisions will ensure you manage your money well, attain your goals, live the lifestyle and balance you dream of and leave a footprint for your loved ones financial future.

Check here for upcoming webinars throughout the year including market updates.

Medicare & Social Security Demystified!

Medicare & Social Security Demystified!

Thursday, Oct. 14th @12pm

Join us for educational webinar on:

  • Who's eligible
  • Understanding part's A, B, C, D 
  • What's covered. What's NOT covered
  • Social Security history 
  • SS Filing 
  • SS and Taxes 
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Q4 Market Update


Tues. | October 27th @12pm


Understanding Different Types of Life Insurance

Understanding Different Types of Life Insurance

Wednesday, Sep. 8th @12pm 

Join us for an educational webinar on Life Insurance:

  • We'll explain the different types of life insurance
  • How each type fits into your financial picture
  • The pros and cons to each type 
  • How permanent life insurance can be an asset
  • How to determine how much you need

<span><strong><b>J.P. Morgan Presents:&#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; Q3 Guide to Markets</b></strong></span>

J.P. Morgan Presents:        Q3 Guide to Markets

TUES. JULY 13TH @12PM | Zoom 

Join our guest speaker, Meera Pandit | Vice President | Global Market Strategist, for a review of:

-Equity earnings, valuations and performance across sectors

-Drivers of long term economic growth

-Fixed income, inflation and market dynamics

-Global market performance and indicators

U.S. Economy | Equities | Global Markets| Fixed Income | Alternatives

Estate Planning Demystified

Estate Planning Demystified

Wednesday, June 16th @12pm 

Join us for an educational webinar on Estate Planning:

  • What is Estate Planning?
  • Estate Planning terminology defined 
  • Tax implications –What you need to know and 2021 changes.
  • Fundamental planning strategies
  • Gift Tax – What you need to know.

What Is A Financial Plan &#38; Do I Need One?

What Is A Financial Plan & Do I Need One?

Wednesday, May 19th @12pm 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What does a financial plan do for me and how do I create one
  • How to bridge goals with an action plan
  • Review the cornerstones of financial planning: 

Cash Management | Investing | Protection | Tax Planning | Retirement

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Tuesday, April 20th @ 12pm

It's never too early to plan for retirement but there is a point it can be too late.
Join us for a discussion on:
-Envisioning your retirement now
-Potential risks
-Strategies to consider
-How to build and execute your vision

Q2 Market Update

Q2 Market Update

Thursday April 8th @ 12pm

Join our guest speaker, Dan Suzuki, Deputy CIO or Richard Bernstein Advisors, for a review of : 

  • Current Market Trends
  • Long Term Outlook
  • Investment Strategies for long time horizons 
Navigating Today's&#160; Tax Environment 2021

Navigating Today's  Tax Environment 2021

Tuesday, March 16th @ 12pm

 So much has changed over the last four years in the tax landscape. Join us for a review of:

-The Tax Cuts & Job Act
-Tax Planning Strategies
-The importance of tax-efficient investing.

ESG Investing | BlackRock

ESG Investing | BlackRock

Tuesday, March 9th @ 5pm

 Join us for an educational webinar on ESG investing. Our guest speaker, Tom Scarrone, Model Specialist, will discuss:
-What is ESG?
-Identifying Risks
-Capturing Opportunities
-Why sustainability is the new standard for -investing

<p>Immediate vs. Deferred Annuities</p>

Immediate vs. Deferred Annuities

Looking forward to retirement? It's critical to understand the difference between immediate and deferred annuities.
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<p>Retirement Seen Through Your Eyes</p>

Retirement Seen Through Your Eyes

What your life will look like after you leave work.
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