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One of our values here at Vital Planning Group is Financial Wellness. We feel a sense of responsibility to share our knowledge with the community so we can provide financial security to as many households across the nation as possible. Making educated and confident financial decisions will ensure you manage your money well, attain your goals, live the lifestyle and balance you dream of and leave a footprint for your loved ones financial future.

Check here for upcoming webinars throughout the year including market updates. 

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Market Update with Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Tues. | April 30th @12pm | Zoom 


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Residential Real Estate Market Update - FAQ with panelists

Tues. | March 19th @1pm | Zoom 

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Maximize Your Retirement Savings

Tues. | February 20th @12pm | Zoom 

Q1 Market Update&#160;

Q1 Market Update 

Wed. | January 31st @12pm | Zoom 

Estate Planning Webinar

Estate Planning Webinar

Tues. | November 28th @12pm | Zoom 

<span>Q4 Market Update</span>

Q4 Market Update

Mon. | October 23rd @12pm | Zoom 

<span>Save the Date:</span><span>Understanding Medicare &#38; Social Security</span>

Save the Date:Understanding Medicare & Social Security

Thur. | September 21st @ 12pm | Zoom

<span>Goldman Sachs Q3 Market Update</span>

Goldman Sachs Q3 Market Update

Tues. | July 25th @ 12pm | Zoom

<span>Retirement Planning Webinar</span>

Retirement Planning Webinar

Wed. | June 14th @12pm | Zoom 

Join us as our presenters share the most important aspects of proper retirement income planning. Topics to include:

  • Understanding your income sources in retirement
  • Navigating risks that can impact your assets pre-retirement & during retirement.
  • How longevity and/or inflation can impact purchasing power
  • The ideal approach during your income phase
<b>J.P. Morgan | Q2 2023 Market Update</b>

J.P. Morgan | Q2 2023 Market Update

Wed. | May 3rd @12PM | Zoom

Join our guest speaker, Meera Pandit, Global Market Strategist, as she shares J.P. Morgan's outlook for both domestic and global economies. 

<span><b>PROTECTED LIFETIME INCOME |&#160;</b></span><span><b>Balancing guaranteed &#38; non-guaranteed income</b></span>

PROTECTED LIFETIME INCOME | Balancing guaranteed & non-guaranteed income

Tues. | April 18th @12PM | Zoom

Join us as we discuss what to think of when planning to draw income in retirement and possible risk exposure an annuity can provide solutions for.

Topics of discussion:

  • What challenges to be aware of
  • What are you current guaranteed and non-guaranteed sources of retirement income.
  • How income streams exposed to the market can create a gap between living expenses and income in retirement.
<span><b>LONG TERM CARE |&#160;</b></span><span><b>Retirement's Biggest Blind Spot</b></span>

LONG TERM CARE | Retirement's Biggest Blind Spot

Wed. | March 8th @12PM | Zoom

Join us as we share the features and benefits of long term care planning such as:

  • How it can preserve your assets
  • How benefits work
  • What triggers a long term care event
  • Different types of LTC solutions
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J.P. Morgan | 2023 Market Outlook

Wed. | Feb. 8th @12PM | Zoom

Join our guest speaker, Jordan Jackson, Global Market Strategist, as he shares J.P. Morgan's outlook for both domestic and global economies. 

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