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__Our Story

How it all began

Three men and a wife. It all started back in 2008. Edward and Burak had a vision and although they didn't realize it was the same, they dreamt of a full service financial planning firm. Already successful on their own, they still wanted to build something more meaningful. So they recruited other talented advisors to join forces with, which naturally lead them to Ilyas! Edward's wife started a new career and joined the team. Fast forward over twenty years of experience, a team of expert advisors, an operations team and the full service firm they envisioned, here we are! 

__Our Team

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__Our Values

What motivates us? 

Family. Ours and yours.

Who is all this for but the ones we love whether it be family,

friends or any loved ones in our life. We are all about

family at VPG. 


Social Responsibility

We have a social responsibility to use our knowledge 

to educate others on financial literacy and all matters

related to managing money. 

Team work 

We love working together, good days and bad. 

As the saying goes, "No man is an island."

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