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With the demands of running a business and meeting with clients or patients it becomes difficult to always work ON the business. But without proper planning your business can be susceptible to liability, turn-over and depletion of funds. Our experts review your current planning and provide suitable recommendations to fill the gaps where needed.  We focus on main areas: Protection Planning, Benefits & Succession & Exit Strategies. 

Protection Solutions 

Without proper insurance coverages your practice can quickly be in jeopardy. Whether it is loss of work due to sickness/injury, the loss of a key employee or lawsuit, insurance planning provides leverage. 

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Protect your business from the unknown.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements 
  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance 
  • Key-Man Insurance
  • Health Insurance 
  • Multi- Life Disability 
  • Group Disability 
  • Liability Insurance 

Group Benefits Consulting 

Our comprehensive products and services give you the flexibility to design benefits that work for you and your employees. We can: 

  • Customize coverage to help meet your employees’ needs.
  • Choose to pay all, part or none of the premium.
  • Tailor benefits to your specific business size.

Every benefits package includes a variety of services to make offering benefits easy—you choose the education and enrollment methods that work best for your business.

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What group insurance product should you offer?

Consider offering a combination of insurance products to build a comprehensive benefits package, with the ease of managing it all in one place.

-Group Disability Insurance
Whether you need short-term disability, long-term disability, or both, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our definition of disability can make a difference at claim time.

-Group Life Insurance
Your employees and their families all have different needs for life insurance. That’s why our -flexible products are such a nice fit.

-Group Dental Insurance
We make it easy to offer dental benefits tailored just for you and your employees. And, our large network of dentists means employees have more choice in who they see.

-Group Vision Insurance
It’s simple to administer and is a great way to round out your benefits package. And employees appreciate being covered for services like exams, glasses, and contacts.

-Group Critical Illness Insurance
Think of this coverage as extra financial protection beyond medical and disability coverage. It provides a lump-sum cash benefit if an employee is diagnosed with a specific critical illness*.

-Group Accident Insurance
This coverage helps supplement key benefits by providing employees with a lump-sum cash benefit after a covered accidental injury.

Qualified Plan Designs

We can benchmark your qualified plans like a 401k plan side by side using reputable providers so that when they compete, you are the clear winner in the end. We provide investment advice, education and guidance for the plan sponsor and the participants.  We also assist the plan sponsor with day to day operational support of their plan reducing the chances of costly mistakes.

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Find total retirement solutions under one roof.

401(k) & 403(b) Plans for Employees
Defined contribution plans with comprehensive services and institutional-quality investment management.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Offer a shared interest in your company’s future.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plans for Employees
Extra savings for your key employees, beyond qualified plan limits

Defined Benefit (DB) Employer Pension Plans
Reward loyalty and provide additional financial security.

Pension Risk Transfer
Guarantees for your employees and your business.

How we can transition your qualified plan.

Executive Suite Plans

Executive benefit plans can be designed exclusively for key employees – providing an optimal solution to benefit limitation issues.

An executive benefit plan is a contractual commitment by an employer to a select group of employees to provide supplemental retirement benefits at a future date. Because there are no coverage, eligibility or participation requirements, an employer can decide to provide nonqualified deferred compensation benefits only to a select group of executive or highly compensated employees. This allows the employer to provide rewards and incentives based on an employee-by-employee approach, offering maximum design flexibility.

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Types of Executive Plan Benefits.

Deferred compensation arrangements

Deferred compensation arrangements permit designated executives and corporate Directors to defer additional compensation to avoid current taxation. These plans are typically established in order to provide a vehicle for key employees, highly compensated employees and Directors to defer compensation until retirement.

Benefit equalization plans (BEPs)

Benefit equalization plans restore retirement plan benefits lost due to the various limits placed on IRS qualified plans. A BEP can “correct” the plan salary limit, the defined benefit plan maximum benefit limit, and various defined contribution plan limits including maximum 401(k) deferrals and ADP/ACP compliance refunds.

Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPS)

Supplemental executive retirement plans can provide benefits beyond those provided under the qualified plan. Enhanced benefits might include:

A benefit based on a more generous formula than

Succession and Exit Planning

Most business owners don't think about what is needed to prepare their business for retirement, a disruption in business or simply just want to sell for simplicity. We work with a network of professionals such as Attorneys, CPA's, Business Valuation companies and Real Estate brokers to fulfill the needs of preparing your practice for sale or transfer of ownership. 

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Prepare for a Successful Business Transition

When you’ve worked hard to build your business, it can be hard to imagine it could go on without you. But one of a business owner’s key responsibilities is putting a strategic transition plan into place so the business can keep moving forward after you’ve moved on.An effective buy-sell agreement is at the root of a successful business transition plan, and best practices suggest that it should include triggers, such as: death, disability, and retirement.If you’re like most business owners, you may have designed a buy-sell agreement that accounts for transitioning your business at death. But you may think that a disability is unlikely, and you’d probably say your
business is your retirement.
  • Business Valuation 
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Financial Plan & Analysis

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