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We develop comprehensive financial plans for business owners, so that they protect what they worked so hard for, their business achieves full financial potential and they sleep soundly at night. We help you work on the business rather than in it by helping to solve four what-ifs that keep you up at night:

What if something happens to me, what happens to my family or my business?

What if a key employee leaves?

What if I do not want to do this tomorrow?

What if the cash flow does not improve?

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

-Winston S. Churchill



Having the foresight to protect your business against the loss of an owner or an essential employee—perhaps the company's most valuable asset—can mean the difference between business as usual or closing up shop. Just as you would insure your business property, you should also consider insuring the people who have the biggest impact on your company’s success.


Designing an attractive employee benefits package may seem expensive, but the tax considerations can help offset the overall cost, and its impact on current and prospective employees could be rewarding. Our financial planners can help you provide an attractive employee benefits package for the employees that are most valuable to the success of your company.


We can recommend ways to preserve and protect the value of your business to better facilitate its continuation and/or subsequent transfer to family members, key employees or other parties.

We will introduce you to providers who can provide a valuation at three different levels.  Simple and basic, more detailed and finally at a much sophisticated level that could be used as a reference point in negotiating to sell.

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