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Fee - Based Financial Planning

Paving a path for you to reach your goals

Financial planning is important because it helps individuals realize their current situation and think realistically about their future. It identifies changes that need to be made today to reach desired goals for tomorrow. Just like any building needs a strong foundation to withstand harsh elements, individuals need a strong foundation to endure the ups and downs they may encounter in both their financial and personal lives. The best way to build that foundation is through comprehensive financial planning. The ultimate goal of the financial planning process is to help you meet yours!


 Let's make it easy to map your future

             Discovery Meeting - Understand your unique goals and objectives


                   Data Gathering - Gather your data to develop your personal plan

                           Analyze and Develop the Plan - Analyze the data and develop solutions 

          Plan Presentation - Review and discuss recommended strategies 

         Plan Implementation - Implement plan recommendations *           


             Plan Monitor and UpdateMonitor your plan and update periodically

**Plan implementation can be done through a firm of your choosing.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”                 – John F. Kennedy

Our Planning Solutions

Menu of Services

You may choose from several different plan types from basic to comprehensive planning. Review our menu of services and fees. 

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Six Cornerstones of Financial Planning

During our comprehensive financial plan process we analyze several financial areas to ensure we complete the full picture. 

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<p>Spotting Credit Trouble</p>

Spotting Credit Trouble

The wise use of credit is a critical skill. These 10 questions will help you assess your skill level.
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<p>Tax Freedom Day</p>

Tax Freedom Day

Assess how many days you'll work to pay your federal tax liability.
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<p>Three Key Questions to Answer Before Taking Social Security</p>

Three Key Questions to Answer Before Taking Social Security

When to start? Should I continue to work? How can I maximize my benefit?
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