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Predictable and Unpredictable income

Each source of retirement income you have falls into one of two categories: Predictable Income and Variable Income. We can review your current assets and provide analysis on what your retirement income distribution will look like and recommend how to fill the gaps.

Own a practice? We work with valuation companies to assess the value of your business and the effect a sale will have on your overall retirement planning.

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Succession and Exit Planning

What is your business worth?

The business is often the primary source of income that your family relies on for their current lifestyle. It is also likely the primary source of income and wealth you’ll need for retirement.

The development of a comprehensive business continuation plan to help protect your business interest is critical for the future financial wellbeing of you and your loved ones. We work with a team of professionals to review and create a proper exit plan. 


Estate and Tax Planning

Take control of your assets.

Estate planning can help establish a platform you can fine-tune as your personal and financial situations change. The key question to ask yourself is: How do you want your assets distributed if you die or are incapacitated? Some things to think about are:

-Taking inventory of your tangible and intangible assets 

-Account for your families needs: life insurance, guardianship, document wishes

-Establish your directives: medical care, power of attorney

-Review all your beneficiaries 

-Make a note of your state's tax laws 

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