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 Our Investment Philosophy >

   We apply proven investment strategies

As fiduciaries we believe investment strategies are part of a bigger picture in achieving your financial goals. We help our clients to understand the fundamentals of investing so they can make informed decisions. The following concepts ensure investment portfolio's can optimize performance: 

  • Long Term Perspective - a disciplined, long-term approach to meeting your goals. Investments are carefully researched. Market conditions are monitored and considered, but our objective is to meet your long-term goals.

  • Diversification and Asset Allocation - When you diversify your assets, you spread them across several investments with varying degrees of risk and return potential.
  • Periodic Rebalancing - Over time, as markets fluctuate, portfolio allocations fluctuate too. Rebalancing periodically re-establishes those original allocations.
  • Systematic Investing and dollar cost averaging - Investing equal amounts regularly, using dollar cost averaging, helps reduce the risk associated with buying during big swings in market prices.
  • Risk Management - With investment comes risk. We look to hold your hand through the varying levels of risk that manifests itself in different ways. Some risks include behavioral risk, market risk, inflation risk and management risk. 

Our Process >

   What Is Important To You?

The first step in providing recommendations starts with a DISCOVERY MEETING to understand your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and investment philosophy. Once we have a clear picture, we can provide recommendations and begin implementing suitable solutions.

   Our Commitment >

   We Are Done. Now What?

Once we have completed your IMPLEMENTATION we don’t stop there. Our team will MONITOR your performance and partner with you to make adjustments as needed. We will proactively seek to review your account(s) together with you, based on your desired frequency, to ensure we stay on track or provide additional solutions as needed. 

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