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June 2022 Edition 


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Our Process

There is so much uncertainty in life. Besides a weather forecast, we don’t know what tomorrow brings for any of us (and even the weather forecast is not always reliable). All this uncertainty surrounding retirement is why annuities provide certainty during uncertain times.

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Our History

During times of economic uncertainty, many people get more cautious with how they spend their extra cash. But if you’re also carrying debt, you may wonder how to prepare for a recession and how it could impact your finances.

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Our Values

Although it may feel as if you need to sit on the beach for three weeks to decompress, benefits would be temporary and wouldn’t address the underlying causes of your exhaustion. Here are seven lasting changes to consider:

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 You can’t control the market, how long you’re going to live, inflation, health care costs, your health care needs, tax law changes, pension or Social Security solvency, economic shifts, government intervention, the list goes on. All this uncertainty surrounding retirement is why annuities provide certainty during uncertain times. 

Meet Our New Team Member

Sally Huebner | Client Relationship Coordinator

Our Process

Meet Sally! She is our new Client Relationship Coordinator. Sally supports our team with all aspects related to servicing our client relationships. She also supports the operational infrastructure of our firm through keeping up to date with any new technology programs that can help the firm sustain growth and provide high level service.

Sally comes to us with over 10 years of administrative experience including disaster relief claims coordination. To our advantage Sally also has extensive experience as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. We hope to gain some best practices from her!

Contact Sally for service requests to existing policies or accounts, making an appointment or re-scheduling an appointment. | 908-797-3104

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