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Our proven process that helps us get to know you, discover your needs and provide sound solutions. 

We have spent over 10 years working with individuals and businesses to bridge a need and solution for financial security. We understand addressing finances can be daunting and so we make it effortless by holding your hand through a process to get to the finish line. 

Discovery Meeting 

    It's all about you.

The first step in providing recommendations starts with a DISCOVERY MEETING to understand your goals and where you are right now. We seek to unveil what's most important to you and what do you want your life to look like in the future.


   Let's determine your needs.

Once we understand what is important to you, we need to dive deeper into your financial picture today. Once we do this we can IDENTIFY where the gaps are, how to prioritize and which client engagement will work best for you. 


   Let's find the solution.

Using our experience, state of the art planning technology and our network we will provide a recommendation on how to SOLVE your needs. We will present options that will be decided by you. 


    Take action.

Once you decide on your solution we will IMPLEMENT. Our team will walk you through the process of your implementation with weekly updates, direction and answers until your plan is in place.


   Let's keep an eye on your plans.

Once we have completed your implementation we don’t stop there. We will MONITOR and review your plan, policies and accounts annually to ensure you are on track and apply any additional solutions needed. Our team is at your disposal to provide any servicing needed between our reviews.

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